About Local Government


What is Local Government?

Local Government is the system of government that provides vital economic, social and environmental support to the people who live, work and visit the 68 local Councils that operate in South Australia.

The legal framwork for Local Government in South Australia is established by the Constitution Act 1934, the Local Government Act 1999, and the Local Government (Elections) Act 1999.

All Councils consist of democratically elected Council members who advocate and lead on behalf of their community, and Council employees who are responsible for implementing Council decisions.

Local Government uses its own resources and/or resources provided under State or Federal Government programs, to deliver a diverse range of services in its local area.

What do Councils do?

  • Accountable to their communities for their decision making;
  • Manage more than $23 billlion worth of community infrastructure; and
  • Invest more than $2 billion a year in  providing services, half of which is spent on:
    • roads and drainage;
    • waste collection, disposal and recycling;
    • recreation and cultural activities; and
    • library and information services
  • Required by legislation to provide:
    • Formulation of planning policy;
    • Some environmental services;
    • Fire prevention;
    • Dog & cat management;
    • Preparing strategic plans, employing a CEO and supporting the elected Council.

Council elections are conducted every four years, the next will occur in November 2022.  Councils, the Local Government Association of South Australia (LGA) and the Electoral Commission of SA (ECSA) work together to promote and conduct the elections.

The following links provide information on Local Government:

How Councils Work 
This resource provides an explanation of how Local Government in South Australia works.

Australian Local Government Association
The ALGA is the national advocate of local government, they initiate policy development and co-ordination and carry out required liaison activities.

Local Government Association of South Australia
The Local Government Association of South Australia is a membership organisation that provides quality services and leadership relevant to the needs of member Councils.

Want to be on Council?
This resource provides general information about elections for nominees, voters and Councils.

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