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Native Bee Project - Blue Banded Bee

A Blue Banded Bee

There are more than 1600 types of native bees across Australia, which is ten times as many as there are mammal species! In the Adelaide region there are at least 200 species of native bees but few South Australians are familiar with even one. These fascinating and sometimes elusive insects can be as small as 2 mm long and live in all sorts of places like hollow stems and holes in the ground.

The native bees which live in our state are solitary and don’t live in hives nor produce honey however they do play an important part in the pollination of Australian native plants. In fact there are many plants which can only be pollinated by native bees. They are also great pollinators for our veggies and fruit trees and are often more effective at pollinating flowers than honeybees.  One of our larger (up to 11mm long) and more obvious residents, the blue banded bee, is a buzz pollinator which is perfect for crops like tomatoes, and even makes them taste better!

The City of Campbelltown, in conjunction with seven other councils, and our funding partner the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board, have installed 8 Native Bee Hotel or BnB's along our iconic River Torrens. 

The Campbelltown Bee BnB is located in the Butterfly Garden at Lochiel Park in Campbelltown (adjacent to the linear path) and was constructed with 60 community members in July 2018. We are pleased to advise that there is evidence of native bees staying at the hotel already! Come down and have a look if you're passing by and see if you can spot them too.

Bee bnb construction2

For further information contact Rachael Hamilton at RHamilton@campbelltown.sa.gov.au, Sue Graham at SGraham@campbelltown.sa.gov.au or call Council on 8366 9222.

For more information about native bees, how to build a native bee hotel in your own backyard or which plants attract native bees refer the Adelaide & Mt Lofty NRM webpage.

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