By-Laws can be downloaded below in PDF. For further information please contact Lyn Barton, Manager Governance and Community Interaction, on 8366 9234.

The community should note the following key changes that came into effect on 1 January 2017:

By-Law 2 - Moveable signs 

  • Business owners may have 2 signs to promote their business
  • Business owners wanting to place signage on roadsides should check the location requirements as they have changed
  • Permission must be sought to advertise or offer for sale a product or business on a vehicle (this includes advertising vehicles for sale as well)
  • Street banners can only be placed on the side of roads with Council permission

 By-Law 3 - Roads 

  • Kerbside collection waste bins must not be left on a footpath or road for more than 48 hours after a resident’s designated collection day
  • No structure, object or material of any kind is to be erected, installed or placed so that it obstructs a road, water-channel or water course in, on or under the road
  • The public exhibition on a road (or footpath) requirements have been expanded

 By-Law 4 - Local Government Land 

  • Where a marriage ceremony, funeral or other special event is exceeds 50 people, permission must be sought to undertake this activity on local government land
  • Boats cannot be launched or used in any way on local government land without permission and buoys, cables, chains, hawsers, ropes or nets cannot be placed in or across any water that is under the care, control or management of Council
  • Permission is needed to swim in Thorndon Park lake, the river or creeks within the Council area
  • Model aircraft or boats cannot be used at Thorndon Park without permission
  • Permission is needed to drive on local government land except where a road is constructed
  • Bee hives will not be approved for placement on local government land
  • Memorials cannot be erected on local government land without permission
  • Permission is required to collect, remove or burn any wood fallen from trees
  • Playing areas (areas such as ovals, courts and land designed to be used for organised sport or recreational activities) must only be used for the purpose for which they were intended and not in a manner that could cause property damage or endanger the safety or comfort of other people

 By-Law 5 – Dogs 

  • Dogs are not allowed to enter or remain on any children’s playground on reserves within Council  (where fenced this means in the enclosed area where equipment is installed, or if no fence within 3 meters of any piece of equipment or device)

 Council has made resolution about a number of matters in the revised by-laws.  The resolution is available here:

 Council Resolution 15 November 2016 - By-Laws(11 kb)

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