Food Scrap Recycling


Register to receive a kitchen organics food scrap basket and compostable bags! To register for the food scrap recycling service, simply come into the Council offices, 172 Montacute Rd, Rostrevor where you can collect your basket for $5 and a complimentary roll of compostable bags from Council. A roll of bags should last approximately 12 months. 

Additional bags can be collected from the Council offices during office hours 172 Montacute Rd, Rostrevor. For more information contact 8366 9222.

Food Scrap Basket

The kitchen basket and compostable bags are an easy and efficient way of recycling your food scraps through your green organics bin. Use your basket in the kitchen either on the bench top or under the sink. When full simply tie off the compostable bag and place it directly into your green organics bin. This material will then be sent to a commercial composting facility where it will be turned into high quality compost.

If I participated in the food waste pilot, can I continue to use the bench-top system?

Residents that participated in the food waste recycling trial can continue to recycle their food scraps using the bench-top system and can obtain the correct compostable bags through Council.

Who does this system best suit?

Everyone  -  from people living in units to large homes, with gardens or without. Even home composters may wish to use their green organics bin to dispose of organic waste not included in their backyard compost bin (e.g. meat, citrus, onions etc).

How do I get the basket & bags?

Registered participants can collect their basket and roll of compostable bags from Council during office hours (172 Montacute Road, Rostrevor).

How do I get replacement bags/baskets?

At this stage compostable bags will be provided to registered participants who collect them from the Council offices. New or replacement baskets will be provided to residents at cost price.

For more information, please contact Rachael on 8366 9257 or email

Putting Food Scraps to Good Use

Food waste and other organic material make up around half of what is placed in rubbish bins. Food waste is valuable resources that can be processed into nutrient-rich compost. Recycling your food scraps will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and divert thousands of tonnes of compostable material from landfill every year. There are several options to recycle your food scraps to suit your needs.

Composting via Your Kerbside Collection

This option is ideal for people looking for an easy, environmental solution and have no need for compost or castings. You can place your food scraps in your green organics bin for kerbside collection. Your green organics are transported to an industrial composting installation where they are turned into compost or mulch.

Food scraps can be placed in the green organics bin loose, wrapped in newspaper or in a composable bag.

Most things that once grew can be put in your green organics bin, including:

  • Dairy
  • bread
  • fish and seafood
  • fruits & vegetables
  • teabags & coffee grounds
  • meat and bones
  • paper towel, napkins and tissues.

Tips for composting via kerbside collection:

  • Set up your collection system in the kitchen using a small container with some newspaper or a purpose designed food waste basket and compostable (cornstarch) liners.
  • Lining your container or basket with newspaper or compostable (cornstarch) liners will minimise the need for cleaning but is not required.
  • Let hot food cool down before placing it in your container.
  • Freeze meat and seafood until you bin collection day to avoid odours.
  • Empty your container daily in the green organics bin.
  • Prop open the lid a few centimetres to allow ventilation to reduce odours.
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