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The Logo

Campbelltown City Council LogoIn January 1998, Campbelltown Council held a competition for a new logo design. The winning entry was submitted by Kamina Couch, and this is the logo that is still in use today and is widely recognised by the Campbelltown community.

The yellow shapes in the logo represent the 'C' for Campbelltown. The blue and green waves running through the centre of the logo represent the curves of the land and the rivers and creeks running through Campbelltown.

Use of the Logo

Use of the Campbelltown City Council logo must be authorised by the Chief Executive Officer (or nominee) and when approval is granted, the correct version of the logo must be used. Any unauthorised logo use is considered a breach of copyright and Council reserves the right to reject inappropriate or incorrect use.

For more information, download the Campbelltown City Council Logo Style Guide Campbelltown%20City%20Council%20Logo%20Style%20Guide (1145 kb)

The Emblem

Campbelltown City Council CrestThe emblem of the City of Campbelltown symbolically shows the location of the City, between the river and the hills. Nestled at the base of the Mt Lofty Ranges in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide, the City is bounded on its northern side by the River Torrens with Magill Road and Glynburn Road on its southern and western boundaries.

The Council logo's main colours are blue, green and gold and are derived from the Campbell Scottish Tartan, which also has a white background. The Latin wording on the emblem "Ad Fluvios et Montes" stands for "Between Rivers and Mountains".

When Campbelltown was proclaimed a City in 1960, sculptor John Dowie was commissioned to design the emblem. At that time the Council area consisted mainly of market gardens, and the many acres of celery grown in Campbelltown were far superior to those grown anywhere else in Australia. The emblem depicted now is as it was in 1960 though the central feature then was a man carrying celery. As the area became residential this was changed to include the gum tree which is a major feature of the area. The belt and buckle is derived from the Campbell Scottish Clan Crest, and the gold leaf on the outside is a garland, with the wording "City of Campbelltown" etched onto ribbon.

The Council area of 2332 hectares has three main creeks: - Third, Fourth and Fifth Creek. The River Torrens is the boundary between this Council and surrounding Councils, with the Adelaide hills in the background.

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