Other Animals



The keeping of livestock (e.g. sheep, goats, pigs, horses, cows) is not permitted without approval. To gain approval, a development application would need to be submitted to Council.

For further information contact Council's Development team on 8366 9228.

Poultry Keeping

The keeping of roosters is not permitted.

Poultry keeping in particular can cause offense to neighbours, for example when:

  • Birds are kept in wet and dirty conditions
  • The enclosure is of poor quality or the lack of an enclosure allows bird to roam beyond the keeper's property
  • Kitchen scraps are used as feed as this can attract rats and mice
  • Dropping are allowed to accumulate causing odours 
  • Roosters are causing a nuisance when crowing

Poultry shelter and aviary construction

 A well constructed poultry shelter or aviary helps to minimise problems. The key points are:

  • The structure should be made of sound materials, ( eg timber, wire netting and sheet metal) so that it is rat proof, weather proof and allows good ventilation. Sheet metal (or other material) surrounding the framework should extend at least 200mm below ground level and 400 mm above ground level to prevent access by rodents.
  • The enclosure should be at least 1.5 metres in height.
  • The internal floor surface should be smooth and impervious to moisture to allow cleaning.
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