Greater emphasis is being placed on using alternate water supplies in efforts to conserve drinking quality water. In South Australia, the reuse of greywater for watering gardens and lawns is permitted with the appropriate approvals.

What is greywater?

Greywater includes wastewater generated from the bathroom, laundry and kitchen including shower, bathtub, hand basin, washing machine, kitchen sink and dishwasher.

Greywater does not include blackwater, wastewater from the toilet.

Greywater Quality

The quality of greywater can vary considerably, and may contain:

  • chemical pollutants that come from cleaning products and detergents
  • bacteria and other pathogens that may cause infection in humans 
  • suspended matter, organic matter and fats and oils

Some chemicals present in greywater can be beneficial for the garden while others may affect plant health and damage soil structure, for example:

  • phosphorus
  • salts
  • chloride
  • boron

It is essential that greywater reuse is done in a manner that minimises risks to the environment and public health.

Approval for Greywater Systems

Approval must be obtained before a greywater reuse system is installed.

Approval is usually undertaken by the Department of Health.  However, within the Campbelltown Council area this process is administered by the Eastern Health Authority.  It is advisable to discuss design considerations with the Eastern Health Authority before submitting an application. 

An application fee applies. 

Installation of a greywater reuse system must be undertaken by a licensed plumber.

For further information on Greywater visit the SA Water site here.


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