Water Pollution


Our local waterways are often impacted by polluted stormwater run-off.

The effects of stormwater pollution include killing plants and animals that live in the water. 

Sediment in the water reduces light penetration and affects photosynthesis, while organic material encourages algae and weed growth and uses up oxygen in the water, causing animals to suffocate. 

Litter also clogs waterways and causes toxicity from the breakdown of materials and has an effect on the health of birds, fish and other animals.

It is the responsibility of goverments, industry and the community to prevent pollution of our water resources and to protect water quality for future generations. 

To read more about the impacts of stormater pollution click here.

Council's Water Quality Priorities

Council has completed a water quality management analysis for Council and its community.

The analysis involved surveying staff and assessing the various Council activities that may affect water quality, and Council initiatives for influencing water quality within it's community.

Three priority areas for attention have been identified for water quality as follows:

  1. erosion and sediment management
  2. gross litter and pollution management
  3. herbicide, pesticide and fertiliser use

Reporting Pollution Incidents

The Eastern Health Authority deals with stormwater pollution issues on Council's behalf. Click here to send an email or call 8132 3600.

For serious or urgent reports please contact the Environment Protection Authority on 8204 2000.

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