Conserving Water


The main water source of the City of Campbelltown is the Murray Darling Basin.  The remaining water is supplied from various reservoirs throughout the Adelaide region.  During particularly dry years approximately 80% of Adelaide's water supply comes from the Murray River.

As the demand for the water resources of the Murray Darling Basin increases the environmental impacts on the River Murray have become more evident. Increasing salinity, nutrient loads and blue green algal blooms in the River not only affect water quality but also the agricultural irrigation of the Riverland communities.

It is apparent that the River Murray is being overused and the current practice is not sustainable.  There is a need to decrease our demand on River Murray water and find alternative water sources particularly for activities that can utilise lower grade water quality.

For some hints and tips on being Water Wise visit SA Water here.

Water Consumption within the Campbelltown Council Area

Council's Water Consumption

Council's water use patterns are characteristic of it's assets.  Council's main water usage in 2001-2002 was for open space (64%), playing fields (32%) and administration buildings and community centres (3% combined). 

Playing fields are irrigated more intensively than other assets to maintain a suitable playing surface for active recreational purposes, such as soccer, football and cricket.  Open space and playing fields are priority areas for action by Council.

Community's Water Consumption 

Community Water Consumption

Campbelltown City Council is predominantly residential land use with some retail, commercial and light industrial users.  Water consumed by these sectors in 2001-2 was 5,373,794 kilolitres.

Households account for the majority of water consumed followed by the non-residential and commercial sectors.  On average, non-residential users consume more water per property than other land uses.

Around 48% of all water is consumed by households.

An average each household uses about 280 kilolitres of water a year.

Figure: Typical break-down of water use by households

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