Rainwater Tanks


Is rainwater safe to drink?

Rainwater is generally safe to drink provided the water is clear and has little or no odour or smell.  There are some precautions that you can take to ensure water from your tank is clean, such as:

  • cover the inlet to your tank with mesh and a strainer to keep out leaves, mosquitoes and other insects
  • prevent air conditioning runoff from entering your tank
  • regularly clean your roof and gutters, and remove tree branches overhanging your roof
  • install first flush devices to trap bird droppings, leaves and dust from washing into your tank
  • check protective mesh, screens and guards regularly and replace them if damaged
  • have your tank inspected every 2-3 years for accumulated sludge

Click on the Use of Rainwater Tanks Use of Rainwater Tanks (50 kb) to learn more about how to safely use water from your rainwater tank.

Rainwater Tank Policy

As of the 1 July 2006, new housing development in South Australia will be required to install a rainwater tank plumbed into the household for water supply purposes.

Building extensions involving at least 50m2 of additional roof area will also be affected.

Click on the Rainwater Tank Policy Rainwater Tank Policy (31 kb) quick reference summary to read more about the new Rainwater Tank Policy, including details on minimum technical requirements for rainwater tanks. 

As the use of rainwater tanks will soon be a legislative requirement, no grants will be available for this type of installation.

In March 2009, Council held a Rainwater Tank Seminar, focusing on:

  • Climate change
  • Water use at the metropolitan and household level
  • Water efficiency opportunities
  • Reasons for installing rainwater tanks
  • Maximising rainwater yield
  • Tank types
  • Water quality and maintenance
  • System design considerations
  • Legislation/rebates and water bills
  • Greywater

If you would like to learn more about these topics, please download the Presentation that was used at the seminars: Rainwater Tank Seminar 2009 Campbelltown Rainwater%20Tank%20Seminar%202009%20Campbelltown (9393 kb).

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