Native Vegetation Marker Scheme

Native Vegetation Marker Scheme

The Native Vegetation Marker Scheme (NVMS) was developed by the Local Government Biodiversity Officers Network in 2009 to highlight local native plants in urban Adelaide.

Only 12% (estimated) of the original native vegetation in Adelaide still remains. The marker scheme aims to protect many small, but significant areas with native plants that can be hidden and unknowingly damaged or destroyed.

Native Vegetation Marker Scheme NVMS

The marker, which is blue with a leaf symbol means that the site contains native vegetation that requires highly specialised management. It is designed to be a recognisable marker for the protection of native vegetation (remnant, restored or re-instated) in a range of urban and semi-rural roadside and reserve sites where regular maintenance activity may be a threat.

On seeing this sign, contractors, community members and utility workers will know to call the relevant council about how to proceed with site access or maintenance (if any) required. Usually this means that the marked vegetation will be left as it is - no spraying, cutting, digging or dumping. 

The community can also play a role in preserving our local native plants by knowing and understanding the scheme and taking extra care around marked areas.



These are some locations that you might find the NVMS Markers:

  • Whole or parts of reserves
  • Verges
  • Revegetation sites

Much of the remaining vegetation in Adelaide is restricted to Conservation Reserves, private land, small urban reserves or roadsides making the patches of remnant vegetation incredibly valuable. Also many bird, animal and insect species rely on the presence of these native plants for food or habitat.

It is the environmental responsibility of the community to ensure that what remains of our local native vegetation survives.

Here are some simple ways to help:

  • If you see a NVMS Marker, do not disturb the area in any way. This includes removing any plants or fallen timber, dumping garden waste or disturbing the soil.
  • If you care for an area of native plants, on your verge or within a public space, contact Council to request a NVMS Marker.
  • Learn more about our local native plant species and how to spot them with out a marker.
  • Inform others in the community of the Native Vegetation Marker Scheme.
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