Mattress Collection


IMPORTANT - Currently mattresses are being collected by East Waste and there is no charge for this service.  Please contact East Waste directly for all bookings, or 8347 5170. 

You can receive 1 free collection per year but any more need to be booked in as part of your hard rubbish collection.  Please contact East Waste to discuss your options.

As a part of the 'Clean Campbelltown' initiative Campbelltown City Council offers a mattress collection to its residents. All size mattresses will be collected and recycled, keeping thousands of tonnes of waste out of landfill each year.

If you wish to dispose of *one mattress, you can access one free mattress collection each financial year that is separate to your at call hard waste collection.  *One mattress means just one mattress.  It does not mean one mattress and one base.

If you require collection of more than one mattress this will need to be booked in as a HARD WASTE collection.

How do I organise a booking?

To make a booking call East Waste on 8347 5170, visit online at or email East Waste will arrange for your mattress to be collected by another contractor and properly recycled.

When will my mattress be collected?

Collections will take place each week from Monday (including public holidays).  Due to a current high demand the collection may not be completed until the end of each week so your patience is appreciated.  Please leave the mattress visible for collection once you have booked in.  If you wish to cancel your collection, please contact East Waste to have your collection removed from the booking list for that week.

The mattress for collection must be placed within your property but visible from the road, and not placed on the footpath or verge, by 7.00am on the Monday morning of the week of collection.  The items can be left in the driveway, under a carport or verandah but must be visible from the road.

What happens to my collected mattress?

90% of the mattress and base materials are recycled.  The springs and metal components are collected by a local metal recycler, and the underlay and wool are sent interstate to become insulation batts and underlay for carpets.  The wood is either broken up for sale as kindling or is kept intact and a local manufacturer of pallets makes use of it.  Mattress covers are used by a local company to produce punching bags and any latex components are made into dog beds by a local small business with part proceeds for sale going to the RSPCA.

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