Frequently Asked Questions

What is an invert and crossover?

An invert is the opening in the kerbing to permit a vehicle to leave the roadway and into a property.

A crossover is the connection between an invert and adjacent property. The crossover is the part of the driveway that crosses the footpath or footway from the kerb to the property boundary which allows the property owner to enter onto any street or road from the property or exit from the street or road to their property.

For an example of an invert and crossover please click here.

Do I need a permit to construct my invert and crossover?

If lodging a development application that includes a site plan clearly showing the location of your crossover you are not required to do anything further. Your development application will be forwarded to Infrastructure Services for assessment and advice of this assessment and any conditions that need to be met will be forwarded to you with the development application approval. Any alteration to the approved crossover will require an application.

For further information please refer to Barrier Kerb SD1 and Invert and Crossover SD4.

Do I need a permit to repave or reconcrete my crossover?

Yes, you need to lodge a Road and Verge Authorisation Form Section 221 with Council along with a scale plan of the property showing the proposed location of the access, width of proposed crossover and invert, proposed materials for crossover to ensure that construction is in accordance with Council’s standards and specifications.

Will Council construct my crossover?

No, the property owner(s) is responsible for the cost and the standard of construction and maintenance of the crossover. Any modification to the kerb is considered to be part of the construction of the driveway and is the responsibility of the property owner(s). Council takes no responsibility for any public liability injury or property damage caused by you carrying out work on the public road.

What are the Standards for my crossover?

Please refer to Barrier Kerb SD1 and Invert and Crossover SD4 for information to assist you with the construction of your crossover and kerbing. If you require further information please visit the Council at 172 Montacute Road Rostrevor SA 5073.

Council staff can assist with the provision of levels for your crossover.

Who do I engage to construct my own crossover or do I need a contractor to do the work?

You can construct your own crossover. By doing so, you are responsible just as the contractor would be for completing the job and for any liability that may arise from the work. Alternatively, you can engage a licensed contractor to do the work for you. Please refer to the Yellow Pages or refer to the trades and services page in your local newspaper.

Does my crossover have to be either concreted or paved to invert?

No. However, an approval for the location and surface is required from Council and it is necessary for Council’s engineer to inspect the site prior to the laying of any paving to ensure correct levels are in place for flood protection and footpath use.

Can I or my contractor construct my crossover without a public liability insurance?

The permit holder or contractor must take out and keep current a public risk insurance policy for a minimum of ten million dollars ($10,000,000.00) against all actions, costs, claims, damages, charges and expenses whatsoever which may be brought or made or claimed against the permit holder or contractor in relation to the activity for the undertaking of the work. No work is to be commenced until Council receives a copy of the current insurance policy from the permit holder or the contractor.

Can I widen my invert?

The current trend for narrower lots means there is less verge space for things like street trees, public infrastructure and on street parking. As a result, Council does not generally allow widening of crossover beyond the approved widths. There may be exceptions made where a lot has a large frontage and there is sufficient room for on street parking.

What could stop me from having an additional invert and crossover?

You may not be able to have an additional invert and crossover if:

  • It is near a bend or close to a road junction
  • Street signs, stobie pole, Telstra pits or other public infrastructure cannot be relocated
  • A street tree on the verge cannot be removed or the street tree would be too close to the proposed invert and crossover
  • No on-street parking would be available for the lot
  • Insufficient space is available on the property for a vehicle to be parked
Do I have to reinstate the abandoned invert and crossover?

Yes, a property owner is required to reinstate any abandoned invert and crossover where they are no longer required. This work will be at the cost to the resident.

Does Council repair my invert?

Yes. Council will assess the damage and if repairs are deemed warranted, our maintenance coordinator will schedule the required repairs as soon as possible.

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