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Coffee is a global obsession and Australia is no exception – we love our coffee! As a result there are over three billion, yes that is BILLION, takeaway cups (and lids) thrown away every year!

Unfortunately takeaway coffee cups are rarely recycled due to them having a polyethylene lining, which makes the process far more difficult.  

Compostable cups are a better choice but very few are composted due to the difficulty of getting the cups to a proper facility. Factor in the hefty use of resources that goes into producing them, and coffee cups are landing a substantial blow to our environment.

The lids are a whole extra issue due to the materials used. Just ask for “no lid” when ordering.

So what's a caffeine-craving consumer to do to tackle this mounting environmental issue while satiating our quest for the beloved brew?

REDUCE – take a seat!cappucino

  • We're not going to advise skipping that coffee, far from it. But you can skip the takeaway queue and treat yourself to a barista-crafted coffee, at a table, in a warmed ceramic cup with a saucer. 
  • And, if you do take away, don't take a lid. It lasts a few minutes in your hand and a lifetime in landfill. 

RE-USE ­– bust old habits and get a stylish, reusable coffee cup! 

  • Just stepping out of the office to grab a take-away? Why not take your ceramic mug with you to bring back to your desk.
  • The reusable coffee cup is gaining ground among aware consumers. According to the Keep Cup website, using one of its plastic (LDPE) recyclable Keep Cups for a year, instead of disposable paper coffee cups will lead to a:
    • 36-47% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
    • 64-85% reduction in water use
    • 91-92% reduction in landfill.

Bringing your own cup can also save you money!  A new initiative known as “Responsible Cafes” gives people an incentive to bring their own cup by offering a discount on each coffee.  A group of coffee drinkers, café owners and citizens who share a culture of connection and conscious consumption got together and came up with this idea to drastically reduce the use of disposable cups.

For café owners, becoming a responsible café saves money and reduces waste, and gives customers an incentive to do the right thing by bringing their own cups. The goal is to change the game on single-use waste by nurturing a culture of reuse.


Responsible cafes 1

Participating cafes get a vintage-style poster, an information sheet outlining the issue, and bi-yearly metrics on the benefits of the program. Post a funky pledge photo (with the poster and/or reusable cup in action in the café - or something more creative!) for the chance to be promoted to all of Australia on Facebook and Instagram.

In the Campbelltown area we have three participating cafes:

Mercato at 625-627 Lower North East Road, Campbelltown SA 5074 Discount: $0.50

Café Va Bene at Lower Gorge Village, 8/636 Lower N E Rd, Campbelltown SA 5074 
Discount: $0.50

J.D. Brew within a shopping centre at 11/84 Gorge Rd, Newton
Discount: $0.50

If you or anyone you know owns a café, OR if you would like to approach cafes in your area, check out the FAQs for more information. Otherwise get in touch! 

PO Box 1, Campbelltown SA 5074 | 172 Montacute Rd, Rostrevor SA 5073
(08) 8366 9222|| ABN 37 379 133 969
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