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PossumPossum traps are available for residents to trap and remove possums that have taken up residence in roof spaces.

However, before traps can be supplied, residents must acquire a permit from the Department Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR), Black Hill National Park at Maryvale Road, Athelstone. The permit will only authorise possums to be trapped and released within 50 metres of the residents property.  For a copy of the permit from the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) website click here.

The website has a wealth of information on possum and other wildlife management which can be found here.

The Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources now classify possums as a "threatened species" in South Australia, therefore relocating or destroying possums is no longer an option. The solution would be for residents to "possum proof" their homes and enjoy the fact that they have a native species living in their vicinity.

To find out more information on "possum proofing" your property and how to discourage possums from your garden and property, please visit Department Environment, Water and Natural Resources website.

Council has POSSUM TRAPPING CAGES available for hire. For current hire fees, refer to Council's Fees & Charges Schedule.

Enquiries can be directed to the Council's Customer Service on 8366 9222.


For information about rat control please contact the Eastern Health Authority on 8132 3600 or via email on  


For information regarding snakes please click go to Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR).

If you discover a snake on your property you can contact the following businesses:

Please note that Council is not responsible for removal of snakes or any costs that may be involved by contacting private businesses.

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