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The City of Campbelltown recognises the importance of creative contributions from community and supports community members and groups wishing to undertake stobie pole art in their streets.

If you wish to paint a stobie pole in your local area you must first seek permission from SA Power Networks who own the stobie poles.

Campbelltown Council does not take responsibility for the painting or maintenance of stobie pole art – this is the responsibility of the community groups or members who wish to undertake them.

Seeking Permission from SA Power Networks

Stobie Poles are the property and responsibility of SA Power Networks (SAPN), not the Council, so your first step is to obtain permission from SAPN.

Email to seek permission, specifying the location of the pole(s) you wish to paint. 

Guidelines for Community Groups and Individuals

Before you start, please refer to these simple SAPN guidelines to ensure you understand your responsibilities:

  • You have first obtained permission from SA Power Networks.
  • You consult with the residents directly adjacent to the proposed stobie pole site before you start and gain their approval to paint.
  • You source and provide the materials required.
  • You take full responsibility for any safety considerations related to the painting of the pole, such as the use of high visibility clothing, orange cones for traffic control, an attentive observer and any other considerations deemed necessary for working in close proximity to a roadway.
  • The artwork being placed on the poles is not offensive and does not constitute commercial advertising - e.g.  business name or logo, political material, local messages or directions or any other material likely to offend.
  • The painted image shall not be higher than 2.0 metres from ground level.
  • The artwork does not conceal or obstruct any signs, identification numbers or any major SA Power Networks equipment mounted on the poles.
  • You are responsible for any ongoing maintenance of the artwork and that you may want to consider the use of an anti-graffiti coating to protect your art work.
  • You understand that if the artwork is defaced or graffitied, SA Power Networks will paint over the work at their discretion and that Campbelltown Council also reserves the right to remove art work at their discretion.


Gorilla Art provide a free guide on painting poles -

We would also love to help promote and celebrate your stobie pole art work, so why not send us some pictures or email us the location at

We look forward to seeing stobie poles in the area adding colour to our neighbourhoods!


Featured Stobie Pole Art photos on this page can be found along Campbell Road, Paradise with native flora poles created by local artist Tikari Rigney along Greenglade Drive, Paradise (off Victor Road).

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