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Urban Forest

An urban forest is a forest or a collection of trees that grow within a city, town or a suburb. Campbelltown's urban forest comprises of street trees, parks, reserves and even people's backyards from the River Torrens through to the foothills. They provide numerous benefits to the community including shade, cooling, clean air, reduced stormwater runoff and habitat for birds and wildlife just to name a few. Like any living thing, they need enough water to grow and be strong and healthy and this can be a challenge in an urban setting where there are lots of surfaces that don't allow water to soak into the ground.

For more information on the benefits of trees download the Benefits of Trees(918 kb) postcard developed by the Campbelltown Friends of the Environment Group.

The other more recent challenges presented include the increase in infill development and increase in extreme heat events and the impacts this has on our urban forest and how we manage this info the future.

Campbelltown Council has begun working on these issues including assessing current canopy cover (a way to quanitfy the level of cover in an urban setting), as well as a range of other programs and operational review to address the challenges presented to maintaining our urban forest moving forward.

Download a copy of Council's Canopy Cover Report(5675 kb) for a detailed look into the trend in canopy cover over time. In 2013 Council canopy coverage comprised 19% of total area. 

The State Government has set a Target of increasing canopy cover from 2013 levels by 2045 and Council is working on possible strategies for increases on public land to help to address the existing downward trend. This is also supported by Council's involvement in Resilient East Project - A Regional Climate Adpatation Project involving 8 Eastern Councils and Adelaide City Council. 

Council is also investing in a number of Water Sensitive Urban Design Projects (WSUD) aimed at using stormwater in the local environment to naturally water trees instead of heading straight into the stormwater drain. For more details check out the Water Sensitive Urban Design page.

Council also recently asked a number of children about what they liked about trees and nature. It is refreshing to see how children value trees. View the video here.

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